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FaradayRF is a company that has developed the Faraday radio platform. Joining the FaradayRF newsletter will enable you to to receive updates about our engineering, production, and news related to the Faraday platform. This is a low-volume newsletter that will not exceed one email per week on a regular basis. By joining the newsletter now you will obtain the latest information when we publish details about Faraday.
Faraday is an open digital radio that will enable radio amateurs to determine the future of ham radio

Brent Salmi KB1LQD with a Faraday access point in Palos Verdes, CA
Brent Salmi, KB1LQD, setting up a Faraday ruggedized base station in Palos Verdes, CA for our 24 mile (40km) distance test over the Santa Monica Bay
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